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Better Balance Introduces 3 Plant-Forward Burgers in Spain, Including Patty Made Entirely with Garden Vegetables

Better Balance, a plant-based brand launched by the Sigma Group in 2022 and headquartered in Madrid for EU operations, Dallas for US operations, and Monterrey for Mexico, continues its expansion in the Spanish market with the launch of three plant-based burger SKUs.

In line with the current trend for plant-forward, whole food products where the vegetables are the star, as a contrast to meat analogues with a focus on replicating the taste of animal products, the new launch entails the Huerta Burger, the Eggplant Burger, and the Spinach Burger, each featuring vegetables as the hero ingredient.

The additions come as a line extension to the burger launched in Spain this April, allowing the company to offer the most complete and varied range of burgers on the market. Categorised with the Nutriscore A certification, the new burgers have a high content of vegetable proteins, are low in saturated fats, and are manufactured in Spain.

Better Balance new burger line
© Better Balance

Field to table

Made with vegetables from Spanish gardens, the Burger de la Huerta (translating as orchard or veg garden) is created with peas, carrots and peppers and does not contain artificial colorings. With this new product, Better Balance reaffirms its commitment to national production: by supporting Spanish orchards, the company contributes to the national economy and reduces production costs, as well as encourages local consumption and reinforces the “field to table” concept.

In addition to the Huerta Burger, Better Balance has incorporated the Eggplant Burger and the Spinach Burger created from spinach and eggplant respectively for those people who are looking for a vegetable burger with a vegetable flavor.

Better Balance says it uses its experience in research and collaboration with chefs to create high-quality plant-based offerings and uses its knowledge about consumers to offer a value proposition that elevates the category and helps break down the purchasing barriers that exist around plant-based products.

Better Balance huerta patty
© Better Balance

100% garden vegetables

In the words of the general director of Better Balance in Europe, Florencio García, “This launch is one of the most important of the brand, since it makes our commitment to national development a reality, creating one of our products entirely with garden vegetables.

“One of the brand’s primary objectives in this year of expansion is to develop new products that increase plant alternatives, meeting the nutritional and flavor quality standards of our consumers. We want to continue showing that healthy and delicious can go hand in hand,” he explained.

The new Better Balance references are currently available in El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, and Alcampo supermarkets.

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