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Beyond Meat Introduces New Beyond Burger and 10-Packs Exclusively at Costco

Beyond Meat has announced the launch of its new and improved Beyond Burger, now available exclusively at Costco stores across the United States. Closely mimicking the taste of beef and designed to cook from frozen in just 10 minutes, the new burger aims to cater to Costco’s clientele of families and busy individuals.

The company says its revamped Beyond Burger offers a juicy, flavorful interior with a perfectly seared exterior, achieving the classic griddled burger experience. With 19 grams of protein per patty, it has 35% less saturated fat compared to a standard 80/20 beef burger, without any cholesterol, added antibiotics, or hormones. The burgers still contain clean, simple, non-GMO ingredients like brown rice and pea protein, but Beyond says the new burger is even closer in taste to beef.

Beyond Meat has experienced a challenging third quarter, with weaker-than-expected sales and a 19% reduction in its non-production workforce. However, following multiple new marketing campaigns and partnerships, including those with Pizza Hut and Blackbird Foods, the company hopes to be cash-flow positive by the end of the year.

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Costco
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Expanding accessibility and inclusivity

The launch of the Beyond Burger family packs at Costco aligns with the company’s revamped strategy to make its products more inclusive to a broader consumer base of both meat eaters and plant-based consumers. Recent campaigns have aimed to focus on the nutritional benefits of plant-based meat and showcase why it should be celebrated, not vilified, while making its products accessible through initiatives like its dedicated concession at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Exclusively available at Costco stores in the United States, the price of the new burger varies based on state and store location.

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