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Canada’s Beyond Moo Debuts Single-Serve Oatgurt for Kids

Eat & Beyond Global Holdings Inc., an investment issuer focused on alternative protein, announces Canadian portfolio company Beyond Moo is expanding its product line with a single-serve oatgurt beverage for kids. 

“Single-serve and on-the-go formats… represent a gap in the current plant-based product offerings on the market”

Made from 100% Canadian oats, the new oatgurt is a dairy-free, gluten-free yogurt drink that is low in sugar and provides healthy probiotics, calcium and vitamins. Available in cherry and vanilla flavors, the kid’s oatgurt comes packaged in a portable on-the-go format.

Beyond Moo sells a full range of non-dairy yogurt, kefir, cream cheese-style spreads and butter. All of its products are made without dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives or artificial flavors. 

Beyond Moo Kids Oatmilk Yogurt
©Beyond Moo

Drinkable format

“The drinkable format means that it’s easy to toss into kids’ lunchboxes or take on the go,” said Yulia Weber, Founder of Beyond Moo. “One of the areas that we are focused on is expanding the product line to increase the opportunities that our customers have to enjoy the products. Single-serve and on-the-go formats are both convenient and versatile and represent a gap in the current plant-based product offerings on the market.” 

Based in Vancouver, Eat & Beyond’s other holdings include Eat Just, Plant Power Fast Food, Nabati Foods, and banana milk brand Banana Wave. Beyond Moo’s new oatgurt is now available at 116 Canadian retail stores, including Healthy Planet and select Sobeys and Foodland locations.

Beyond Moo Dairy-Free
©Beyond Moo

Gaining steam

“Oat-based dairy alternatives have quickly become a favorite among consumers, and that includes parents who are interested in integrating plant-based foods into their children’s diets as well,” shared Michael Aucoin, CEO of Eat & Beyond. “I expect to see this trend continue to gain steam beyond the milk category and into the more innovative non-dairy yogurts, spreads and other product types.”

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