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Biff’s Launches New Jackfruit Products at Lower Cost, Providing “Alternative to Alt Meat”

UK-based brand Biff’s Plant Shack has launched a new and improved range of jackfruit-based CPGs, including a brand new burger cutlet and an updated formulation for its popular jackfruit wings.

The products contain over 50% whole plant ingredients, making them an alternative to more processed plant-based meats. It comes as some consumers are increasingly searching for more veg-led options; according to surveys conducted by Biff’s and Vypr, 68% prefer these types of products to hyper-realistic meat alternatives. Meanwhile, figures from Kantar indicate that veg-led brands grew at four times the rate of conventional meat alternatives last year.

“Classic meat alternatives have their place, but they don’t engage everyone”

Biff’s new Jackfruit 2.0 options are sold frozen, replacing the brand’s chilled products. This has allowed the company to cut retail prices by a third, making things easier for consumers during the cost of living crisis. The amount of salt and allergens in the products has also been reduced, and the packaging has been swapped from plastic to recycled cardboard.

© Biff’s Plant Shack

“Fantastic eating experiences”

Biff’s started out in 2017 as a London street food stall, before launching its first retail range into Waitrose in March of last year. This included what was claimed to be the world’s first vegan chicken wing on the bone. In September, Biff’s rolled out at Sainsbury’s.

“We estimate that 85% of vegan products in the meat-free aisle are rooted in the same three core ingredients — and we want to change that,” said Biff Burrows, co-founder of Biff’s Plant Shack. “I believe classic meat alternatives have their place in the market, but they don’t engage everyone and many products are just too similar. Our Jackfruit 2.0 Cutlets and Wings offer something different. They don’t just imitate they celebrate great ingredients in their own right, whilst offering fantastic eating experiences.”

The Jackfruit 2.0 products are now available in the frozen aisle at Sainsbury’s.

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