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Bravura Foods Announces Record Number of Product Launches

Bravura Foods has announced the launch of a broad line of new products across five of their in-house brands this spring. The UK company offers “unique and quirky products to the market in the health food, grocery, high street retail, convenience and pharmacy sectors.”

Co-founder Lisa Gawthorne reports, “We are having our busiest ever time with respect to NPD and it’s something we feel is hugely important in the vegan food and drink market. The market dynamics have changed immeasurably and all brands and private label products are really upping their efforts.”

New products to be added by Bravura brands include the following:

  • Freedom Mallows has added two chocolate-covered versions of its vanilla and strawberry flavoured mallows with a crunchy chocolate bite on the outside and a creamy mallow texture on the inside. Gawthorne considers these new versions “truly immense” and is excited about this release in particular regarding its pre-launch success: “We have had a lot of consumer interest on this launch and a total frenzy on social media so we are looking forward to getting this out to market in the coming weeks.”
  • The Vegan Bakery brand added a ‘cookies n cream’ variant of their biscuits which are – as are the Freedom Mallows products — certified by the vegan society. The product is manufactured in a German bakery which has over 200 years of experience
  • Bravura’s 400ml range of Captain Kombucha drink will be available in two new flavours, Cayenne Pepper and Pineapple Peach. Moreover, the brand will also launch litre-sized versions of all Kombucha drinks. In the second week of May, Tesco will be the latest retailer to feature the 400ml bottles of the original and raspberry flavours.
  • A new brand named Oh My Gutness will offer a new range of dairy-free water kefir. Starting in the first week of May, customers can purchase an original and a raspberry variant in 330ml-sized cans at 100 Sainsbury’s stores. Similarly, organic and fairtrade drinks brand Little Miracles is launching a litre-sized carton in their green tea and lemongrass flavours.

With further major achievements in 2018 – such as the three Free From Awards for its Freedom Confectionery and Free From Fellow brands – the London-based company is confident about its knowledge of market demand: “We have been operating in this market for over eight years now so we feel we have a super strong hold on consumer needs and we are looking forward to another successful year.”

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