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French Baker Bridor Responds to Growing Consumer Demand With New Vegan Pastries

Bridor, a French baked goods specialist, has introduced two new 2023 vegan Viennese pastries under its Clean Label Bridor line: vegan croissants and vegan pan au chocolat.

“39% of consumers worldwide find the vegan claim appealing”

Described as light and crispy, the new vegan goods rival the well-known classics due to a key ingredient developed exclusively for Bridor: high-quality margarine. 

Master baker and pastry chef Jean-Luc Kasper explains, “After long years of development, we worked with our suppliers to select a margarine with very special properties: its melting point is similar to that of butter, which gives the dough an incomparable texture during lamination and, in addition, a taste that is very close to butter. A special selection of oils, such as coconut and rapeseed oil, makes this possible.”

Other premium ingredients, such as French wheat flour and a vegan egg wash, are also essential for the success of this 100% plant-based recipe. 

Vegan croissants and pan au chocolate by Bridor
Image credit: Bridor Instagram

The vegan claim is appealing

Bridor, a Groupe Le Duff subsidiary, is a bakery product manufacturing company founded in 1988 by Louis Le Duff. Based in Brittany, France, it operates under Bridor de France and in the UK as Bridor UK.

“39% of consumers worldwide find the vegan claim appealing on the market,” says Bridor in its commercial video.  Recognizing this global trend and consumers’ desire for a plant-based diet is part of the company expanding goals.

Another European manufacturer of bakery products, Baker & Baker, also launched a range of vegan products to meet the increased demand for vegan products across the continent at the beginning of 2022. Last October, the company commissioned a UK report that showed growth opportunities in the vegan sweet bakery market.

Be Better lifestyle

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Revolutionizing baking

Companies find that catering to vegan customers can be profitable and rewarding as the demand for plantbased baking products grows. Alternatives to animal ingredients will enable the industry to switch to animal-free and sustainable baking.

Be Better, a plant-based butter specially formulated for pastry professionals, has launched in eight global markets, including the UK. Developed by the Dutch company Be Better My Friend, the butter is made from a blend of shea, organic coconut, and rapeseed oils. The product has been endorsed by top chefs such as Philip Khoury, pastry chef at Harrods, and Jordi Roca, winner of the World’s Best Pastry Chef Award.

Shukran Foods, a food company based in Spain, launched a vegan egg substitute suitable for sweet and savory preparations in baking and cooking. 

Nepra Foods (OTCQB: NPRFF) has developed an entire line of vegan egg replacement formulations for bakery and other applications in the USA. Its first commercial application was for the gluten-free baking industry.

Chadwick White, CEO of Nepra Foods, commented at the time of the announcement: “Products developed with our egg replacement also have superior characteristics for gluten-free applications. There is literally no application we cannot make a formulation specific for – it truly has the ability to revolutionize the baking and ingredient business as we know it!”

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