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Burger King Launches Vegan Nuggets in the UK, 50% of Menu to Be Plant-Based by 2030

  • Burger King launches vegan nuggets, becoming the first fast-food chain in the UK to do so.

Like most fast-food chains, Burger King made its name selling animal products — mainly beef. Two years ago, the company’s entry into the plant-based market got off to a rocky start when it chose to cook the Rebel Whopper on the same grill as meat, making the burger unsuitable for vegans.

But things are changing. Last year, Burger King’s UK CEO made the surprising announcement that the menu would be 50% meatless by 2030, with some meat items dropped and new plant-based options added. The pledge was made as part of the chain’s aim to slash its carbon emissions by 41%.

The following month, Burger King UK introduced the Vegan Royale, a chicken-style burger cooked on a separate grill from meat. Now, the new nuggets are even certified by the Vegan Society.

©Burger King

Now, the company has launched vegan nuggets, confirming it is serious about increasing its plant-based offerings. The new nuggets, developed by The Vegetarian Butcher, are made from soy protein and served with a sweet chilli dip. They are available in boxes of six, nine, or 20.

In the US, Burger King has been offering a similar option since October, when it launched Impossible Foods’ nuggets in several cities and states.

“Adapting to customer preferences is a key focus at Burger King —- we are committed to helping our guests make good decisions about what they eat and drink and providing them with informed choices,” said Burger King UK CEO Alasdair Murdoch. “The launch is another positive step in reducing our carbon footprint and driving innovation in our menus in response to growing demand for meatless alternatives and products with no animal protein in the UK.”

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