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Califia Farms Debuts Brand New Milk Category

Califia Farms, the Californian non-dairy milk producers backed by various celebrity investors such as Leonardo diCaprio, launches Übermilk – a milk alternative with extra proteins and essential nutrients.

Übermilk is a new vegan oat milk based product, packed with extra protein, macro and micronutrients, which will be launched this spring. The new line of plant-based milk offers eight essential amino acids and 8g of protein per serving. Übermilk also contains 45 percent more calcium than dairy milk, is a good source of Vitamins D and E and delivers the same level of potassium as a medium banana.

Controversy continues from the FDA concerning the word milk in these vegan plant-based alternatives. Vegan brands challenge the notion that dairy milk sets a nutritional benchmark that plant-based milk should match in order to use the term ‘milk’ on their labels. As the founder, Greg Steltenpohl, says, “You can criticize the food industry, or legislate it, or you can just create something different, something better”.

Califia Farms listened to consumers who are concerned about taste, variety, lower calories/sugar, lactose intolerance, milk protein allergies, sustainability and animal welfare. Übermilk has a thicker texture than regular oat-milk, and is made to provide a more complete protein and offer essential fatty acids. It has three different varieties – Unsweetened, Unsweetened Vanilla and Chocolate – and will be available through their website and nationwide at Whole Foods Market stores in the US.



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