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Chef Carl Clarke Launches Future Noodles – ‘Nutritionally Complete’ Plant-Based Ready Meals

UK chef and restaurateur Carl Clarke has launched his latest venture – a plant-based instant noodle brand called Future Noodles. The DTC brand plans to change preconceptions around instant noodles, producing nutritional instant food with sustainably sourced ingredients and plastic-free packaging.

Effectively meal kits requiring only boiling water, the 100% vegan noodle pots are designed to be a “nutritionally complete, natural plant-based instant noodle that is affordable, convenient, healthy”. After a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised more than £55,000 to begin production, Future Noodles has set up as a DTC brand across the UK with each pot selling at £3.75. 

Future Noodles bowls
©Future Noodles

With flavours including smoky shiitake and miso noodle soup, as well as yellow curry with fresh spices, the brand is really looking to reinvent the instant noodle market. Additionally, in partnership with charity food bank Fare Share, the company also runs a ‘Buy One, Give One’ initiative, which has resulted in the donation of over 8,000 meals so far.

“Working long shifts in the kitchen, my late-night snack would always be Japanese instant noodles and as banging as they tasted, I knew they weren’t good for me. Aware that this is a worldwide problem and the busier our lives are, the unhealthier we all become, I started experimenting as I knew there must be a way to make instant noodles that were not only super tasty, but nutritionally complete. Having consulted some of the UK’s leading nutritionists, scientists and food innovators over the last year, Future Noodles was born”, said Clarke. 

©Future Noodles
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