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Quorn Debuts Chef-Created Meal Kits & Environmental Documentaries

Alt-meat brand Quorn has launched four chef-created meal kits in collaboration with UK company chefs for foodies. The kits will allow consumers to enjoy restaurant-quality Quorn meals at home.

The meal kits, which can be ordered from the chefs for foodies website, consist of:

  • Alu Tikki Chaat Bomb with Kachumber Salad: Developed by Dipna Anand, this kit consists of a Quorn fillet and potato patties topped with chaat.
  • Quorn ChiQin Nacho Burger and Fries: A buttermilk-style Quorn burger with crushed nachos and peacamole, created by Ella Cockman.
  • Double Quorn Pepperoni Pizza: Made by master pizza-maker Ricardo Arias Regalado. This pizza is not vegan due to the use of dairy mozzarella.
  • Quorn Diavlo Pizza: Also by Arias Regalado, this pizza features vegan mozzarella cheese, spicy Quorn vegan pepperoni, and hot chilli peppers.
Double Quorn Pepperoni Pizza
© Quorn

“We’re always looking for new ways to get consumers eating Quorn, to help us with our mission to tackle climate change by making great tasting food. We’re really excited about this partnership with chefs for foodies, not only as a way to support the hospitality industry, but also to highlight just how versatile and delicious creating with Quorn can be,” said Gill Riley, Quorn Marketing Director.

Environmental documentaries

In September, Quorn launched the Pioneers Film Fund to inspire filmmakers to raise awareness of the future of food. In collaboration with sustainability voice agency and film company planetSHINE, three filmmakers were awarded £15,000 each to create an 8-12 minute documentary.

Image supplied.

Now, the three films have been revealed. They are:

  • The Catastrophe Garden by Dan Ashby, Lucy Taylor, and Ed Cartledge: Following the University of Sheffield’s attempt to grow food from waste mattresses in Syrian refugee camps, without the use of soil.
  • The Farm Under the City by Lewis Coates, Brett Chapman, and Jordan Carroll: Using organic cycling methods such as worm farms and hot composting to grow micro-herbs and vegetables under the streets of Sheffield.
  • Ocean Greens by Scott Bradley and Natasha Hawthornthwaite: A portrait of farmers harvesting seaweed along the UK’s coastlines. 

The three films are now available to watch on, a free streaming platform featuring award-winning documentaries and shorts about sustainability.

“We are greatly inspired by and grateful for the work of those featured in each of the winning films. Our hope is that by raising awareness of their unique approaches through the Pioneer’s Film Fund, we’re bringing important conversations on the future of our food to the forefront,” said Riley.

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