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InnovoPro Creates Chickpea-Based Egg White Substitute For Use in Vegan Desserts

Israeli food-tech company InnovoPro has launched a chickpea-based egg white alternative to be used in vegan desserts such as meringues, pavlova, and mousse.

Known as CP-FOAM™ 1001, the formula is a blend of dry ingredients, including InnovoPro’s trademarked chickpea protein. When combined with water and sugar, the product can be whipped into stiff peaks with the same shape, texture, and taste as those produced by egg whites.

 While similar to aquafaba, CP-FOAM™ 1001 has a higher protein content and better foaming capabilities. This chickpea-based egg alternative could potentially replace potato protein, a commonly used egg substitute that requires the addition of masking agents to disguise its taste.

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Innovative uses for chickpea protein

InnovoPro’s chickpea protein has a range of applications. The company recently launched what it claims is the first ever texturised vegetable protein (TVP) made from chickpeas, and last year it partnered with Swiss retail chain Migros for the world’s first chickpea yogurt. In 2019, Wyler Farms launched chickpea milk made with InnovoPro’s protein.

It’s clear that investors also see the chickpea protein’s potential — in 2020, InnovoPro secured $18 million in its Series B funding round, from backers including Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund.

“Egg substitution is one of the fastest-growing categories in the global plant-based food market. We’ve made it our mission to continue leading the revolution of using chickpea-based solutions as a versatile and reliable replacement for traditional ingredients, like eggs, where consumers are seeking alternatives to known allergens, dietary preferences, or ethical food considerations,” said Taly Nechushtan, CEO at InnovoPro.

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