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CHKP Foods Will Debut Innovative Chickpea Yogurt at Expo West 2022

CHKP Foods, a new plant-based dairy company, announces it will debut a line of chickpea yogurts at Expo West in Anaheim, CA, followed by a retail launch this spring. 

CHKP says its yogurts offer a thick, creamy texture with high protein content, low sugar, and no soy, gluten or GMO ingredients. According to the company, it spent years developing and perfecting its unique chickpea yogurt base, which delivers great taste and texture with clean-label nutrition.

Available in plain, vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry flavors, the yogurts provide an easy and convenient way to consume nourishing plant protein, says CHKP. The company also plans to use the versatile base to make a wide range of plant-based dairy foods, including vegan cream cheeses, milk and desserts. 

CHKP Chickpea Yogurt and Cream Cheese
©CHKP Foods

“Like nothing else”

Chickpeas are steadily gaining popularity as a functional ingredient for plant-based dairy and eggs. In 2020, Swiss retailer Migros and InnovoPro pioneered the world’s first chickpea yogurt product, followed by InnovoPro’s chickpea-based egg whites. Earlier this month, Global Food and Ingredients (GFI) acquired Canada’s YoFiit, a brand producing a line of chickpea-made milks. 

By transforming the humble chickpea into decadent vegan dairy, CHKP hopes to share chickpea’s numerous health and sustainability benefits with the world.

“My co-founders and I grew up surrounded by Mediterranean cuisine and admired the chickpea for its amazing versatility and nutritiousness,” says Noam Sharon, Co-Founder of CHKP Foods.

chickpea milk brand YoFiit
© YoFiit

He added, “We felt inspired by the challenge of turning this incredible, traditionally savory ingredient into plant-based dairy products like nothing else in the category. And now, with years of research and development to our names, we couldn’t be more excited to debut our special yogurts at the 2022 Expo West and demonstrate how we differentiate.”

Expo West attendees can find CHKP Foods at booth #N1333 in the North Hall, level 200.

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