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Chunk Foods Introduces Largest Plant-Based Meat Slab and Cubed Cuts at NRA Show

Chunk Foods, a producer of plant-based whole cuts, will introduce two new products at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this month. The unveiling will include the “largest plant-based meat slab,” designed primarily for briskets, and a cubed version tailored for fast-casual dining experiences.

These new products, known as Chunk Cubes and Chunk Slabs, aim to simplify the integration of plant-based options into traditional dishes. According to the company, The Slab, weighing over three pounds, is the largest of its kind on the market and suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including smoking, grilling, and tableside carving. Meanwhile, the Chunk Cubes are positioned as versatile additions to dishes such as salads or bowl toppings.

“We can’t wait to show off more of our cutting-edge products to the foodservice space”

Following the success of the Chunk Steak in US steakhouses and seafood restaurants, the new formats will allow the company to expand into other foodservice markets.

Chunk Foods The Slab
© Chunk Foods

Both products leverage the same technology and ingredients as Chunk’s steaks and pulled beef products. This includes a proprietary fermentation process that ensures these plant-based cuts resemble the look, taste, and cooking experience of beef. Designed for easy integration into existing menus, these items require no additional training for chefs familiar with traditional beef products.

Global foodservice expansion

In addition to its innovations in product development, Chunk Foods has recently broadened its market reach through a partnership with Better Balance, creating co-branded products for the Latin American and Spanish markets this year. This follows a successful $7.5 million seed extension, bringing the seed round to a total raise of $22 million.

“We are proud of how quickly we have grown in the US market”

The company expressed enthusiasm for its upcoming participation at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show. The event presents an excellent opportunity for Chunk Foods to connect with industry stakeholders from across the country to showcase its versatile product line, tailored to meet the needs of various dining establishments, from fast-casual to fine-dining restaurants.

Chunk Foods steak at restaurant
© Chunk Foods

Industry recognition 

Chunk Foods has also been recognized for its influence on the industry with a 2024 Food and Beverage (FABI) Award. Tom Cindric, president of the National Restaurant Association Show, commended this year’s FABI recipients for their role in defining future food trends, noting, “These products represent the pinnacle of culinary innovation, driving new trends and creative approaches in our industry.”

Amos Golan, CEO of Chunk Foods, commented, “We are proud of how quickly we have grown in the US market, and we can’t wait to show off more of our cutting-edge products to the foodservice space. We are continuing in our mission to make plant-based eating accessible and delicious to more people by providing quality cuts of meat and making Chunk a staple protein everywhere in the US.”

The National Restaurant Association Show will run from May 18 – 21, 2024, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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