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Cie Enters Plant-Based Market with Shelf-Stable Pea Protein Products

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US venture studio and innovation accelerator Cie has entered the plant-based market by launching Longève, a brand of shelf-stable pea protein products. The brand was developed in collaboration with Douglas Kanter, who has extensive experience in the industry.

Most meat alternatives on the market are soy-based, frozen or refrigerated, and contain several ingredients. In contrast, the Longève range only contains pea protein and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It is aimed at consumers who love to cook with unprocessed, clean-label ingredients.

Cie launches Longève
© Cie/Longève

Cie may be new to the plant-based space, but it has extensive experience in launching new ventures. It has worked with huge companies such as PepsiCo, Nestlé, and Muscle Milk, among others.

The products can be purchased from the Longève website, as well as from Amazon and other select retailers. Cie aims to expand into more retailers and foodservice channels in 2021.

“So many consumers are looking for plant-based protein,” says Doug Kantner, CEO of Longève. “Especially clean label foods with nutritional value. We listened and created Longève, a single-ingredient protein that adapts to the diversity of meals that Americans cook today. We can’t wait to get Longève into more kitchens.”

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