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Circular Economy: Wunderkern Develops Ice Cream From Stone Fruit Pits

Austrian food tech startup Wunderkern has released a circular economy-driven gourmet line derived from stone fruit pits. Wunderkern’s cold-pressed oils and chocolate spread are made from the long-forgotten natural raw material of stone fruit pits, including apricot, cherry, and plum.

“By relying on apricot kernels we can decrease the driving factors of climate change”

In order to showcase the startup’s vegan and sustainable innovations, Wunderkern has produced three trial ice cream flavors from its fruit pit oils, a more sustainable alternative to the almonds most commonly used in vegan ice creams.

The sustainable ice cream alternatives were successfully trialed at this month’s “Everything Apricot” festival in Austria. The company’s approach is to take unsustainable products and create newer and thus more sustainable variations without sacrificing flavor.


Founded to create change and counteract waste in the food industry, Wunderkern has now launched its first four products: apricot kernel oil, cherry kernel oil, plum kernel oil, and a chocolate kernel spread available via its website. NPDs are reported to be in the pipeline and are slated to hit supermarkets in Austria later this year. 

“Ordinary vegan ice cream is mostly using almonds as a base. It is no secret that almonds in general need tons of water during cultivation and are no stranger to CO2 emissions. However, by relying on apricot kernels instead we can decrease both of the driving factors in the matter of climate change”, the company explains.

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