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Coffee Mate Adds Two New Vegan Creamers to Natural Bliss Line

Nestlé-owned brand Coffee Mate is to add two new dairy-free creamers to its Natural Bliss line in the US. The creamers will be available in the flavours Brown Sugar Oat Milk and Almond Sweet Crème, and will launch in January.

According to Thrillist, the oat flavour is intended to taste like brown sugar oatmeal, while the almond flavour has a “rich, smooth taste”.

Coffee Mate initially launched its plant-based creamer range in 2017, with flavours such as Hazelnut Almond Milk, Caramel Almond Milk, and Sweet Crème Coconut Milk. It later expanded the range to include flavours made with cashews and oats.

The creamers will be available at major retailers across the US and are sold in 16oz containers.

Coffee Mate creamer oat
© Coffee Mate

Demand for vegan creamers is on the rise, with a report last year finding that sales would reach $2.3 billion. The rise was attributed to lactose intolerance and growing awareness of health, environmental, and animal rights issues.

Brands such as MALK and Elmhurst have launched vegan creamers over the last two years, and even Starbucks launched a line of non-dairy creamers earlier this year.

“We know the increasing popularity of plant-based, non-dairy creamers is not just a trend, but a consumer preference that is here to stay,” said Coffee Mate brand director Daniel Jhung.



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