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Cold-Pressed Organic Plant Milk From MALK Organics at Whole Foods

Recently, the supermarket chain Whole Foods has added another line of plant-based milk alternatives to its range. The American retailer, which already offers a wide range of vegan alternatives, now also sells plant-based nut milk from MALK Organics in Texas. The new MALK milk is cold-pressed using high-pressure processing technology and is produced organically. It will be available nationwide in unsweetened almond and vanilla almond flavours.

Unlike many other suppliers of plant milk, MALK Organics does not use stabilisers or emulsifiers to create a creamy texture. No preservatives or thickeners are used in the production process. Instead, each bottle of nut milk contains a cup of organic nuts. MALK milk is now offered in over 2,000 Whole Foods stores throughout Germany. Other flavours such as maple pecan or unsweetened cashew MALK have so far only been available in selected stores in the southwest, northeast, and north of California, and the Rocky Mountains.

The demand for and availability of plant-based dairy products has been increasing significantly for some time, and more and more suppliers are bringing new plant-based milk alternatives onto the market.



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