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From Controversy to Comeback: Eat Just Relaunches JUST Mayo with Nationwide Whole Foods Rollout

Nearly four years after its discontinuation, Eat Just has made a significant announcement: the relaunch of JUST Mayo. The much-anticipated return of this product is set to begin this month, with a nationwide rollout scheduled throughout February, exclusively available at Whole Foods Markets. The relaunch also introduces an expanded flavor lineup, featuring Original, Chipotle Mayo, Ranch, and Chipotle Ranch.

“Sandwiches and salads of the world, rejoice: JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch are BACK”

The announcement, made on JUST Egg’s social media feed earlier today, stated, “Sandwiches and salads of the world, rejoice: JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch are BACK.” The news of the relaunch follows a recent poll by JUST Egg, where a significant 87% of followers expressed interest in the product’s return.

Originally developed in 2011 under the company name Hampton Creek, JUST Mayo first hit the shelves in Whole Foods Market in 2013. Unilever, the parent company of Hellmann’s, swiftly filed a legal action against Hampton Creek in 2014. The lawsuit, accusing the company of false advertising by marketing its eggless product as mayonnaise, was ultimately dropped after Unilever received intense consumer pressure, according to a representative.

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However, that wasn’t the only controversy surrounding the Just Mayo. In 2016, Hampton Creek purchased mass quantities of Just Mayo from stores, with Tetrick claiming it “was all a push to ensure quality control and “build momentum” around products,” according to CNBC. Still, sources like Bloomberg hypothesized that the move was likely to make the product appear more popular than it really was.

Growth and shifting focus

Despite these challenges, the brand, renamed Just Inc. in 2017, continued to grow in popularity. It expanded its product line to include a variety of flavors like wasabi, truffle, sesame ginger, garlic, chipotle, and sriracha. However, by the end of 2019, JUST Mayo was discontinued as the company pivoted its focus towards JUST Egg and its cultivated meat division, GOOD Meat.

The relaunched JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch products will be available in the refrigerated aisle of Whole Foods Markets nationwide throughout February. Starting in March, these products are slated to be distributed to other retailers across the United States, including a shelf-stable version.

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