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CRAVE Launches Nut-Free Alternative to Peanut Butter

UK-based free-from food brand CRAVE has developed a new nut-free alternative to peanut butter, made from sunflower seeds.

The spread provides an accessible option for those suffering from peanut allergies, which includes around 2% of children in the UK according to Allergy UK. Of these, only around 1 in 5 will outgrow their allergy.

Called P’Not Butter, the new spread is described as a “luscious and crunchy alternative that cleverly emulates peanut butter”. It builds on the success of another CRAVE product, Sir Spread-a-lot, which is a chocolate hazelnut spread free from dairy, gluten, and eggs.


Gluten-free and vegan snacks

CRAVE has seen considerable success since appearing on the TV show Aldi’s Next Big Thing in 2022. After pitching its vegan and allergen-free snacks, the brand won the show, securing a listing at Aldi.

Last year, CRAVE was forced to rebrand three products (pickled onion maize snacks, hot and spicy maize puffs, and chocolate hazelnut spread) after receiving infringement notices from major brands. However, both maize snacks gained a listing at supermarket chain Sainsbury’s shortly afterwards. In December, CRAVE entered a new category with the launch of birthday cake-inspired gluten-free and vegan sandwich cookies.

“We’ve really got our nuts out this time with our second spread to market,” said CRAVE founder Rob Brice. “Instead, it is a crunchy sunflower-based spread. We roast the sunflowers to give them that tasty ‘peanutty’ crunch. Importantly, we’ve also excluded soy in our spread, therefore excluding all the major food allergens.”

The P’Not Butter will launch at Asda from April 8 and at Sainsbury’s from April 14.

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