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CULT Food Science Launches North America’s “First” Vegan Cat Treats: Noochies!

Food technology investment platform CULT Food Science announces the launch of Noochies! Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks, North America’s “first” vegan cat treats. This new product challenges the conventional belief that cats are obligate carnivores and showcases the potential of a vegan cat diet when supplemented with essential nutrients.

“I don’t believe there is a healthier cat snack in the world today”

Cats have long been considered “true” carnivores, requiring nutrients primarily found in animal tissue for their survival, but recent studies have shown that a plant-based diet can promote better health in cats. Noochies! Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks are enriched with fiber and B vitamins, which are typically lacking in traditional meat-based diets. In addition, Noochies! offers a high protein content that the company says is on par with premium cuts of chicken or lamb.

Joshua Errett, the founder of Noochies, expressed his excitement about the product, stating on LinkedIn, “I’m first to this market, so it still feels a little crazy… But with an amino acid profile similar to cuts of chicken or lamb, high levels of protein and dietary fiber, and some great B vitamin content, I don’t believe there is a healthier cat snack in the world today.”

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Proprietary yeast blends

Taste has also been a major hurdle in convincing cats to embrace meat-free diets. Leveraging its yeast lab, CULT Food Science has developed a proprietary blend of yeasts to create a palatable solution for felines. The company claims its patented ingredients, Bmmune® and Bflora®, offer a spectrum of health benefits to pets, including improved digestion, immune system support, and enhanced cognitive and heart health.

This isn’t CULT Food’s first venture into the alternative pet food market. The company has recently announced partnerships with other innovators, including Umami Bioworks, JellaTech, and Everything But, to develop various animal-free and cell-cultivated pet food products, including cultivated fish cat treats, animal-free collagen for pet food, and cultivated chicken for pet food.

Noochies! Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks are now available to US residents alongside its Freeze-Dried Dog Snacks in select California retail stores and through the company’s website

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