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Danone Canada Launches Silk Greek-Style Yogurt with Locally Sourced Pea Protein

Danone Canada’s Silk brand announces its latest product launch: Greek-style, plant-based yogurt made with Canadian pea protein. Available in Vanilla and Key Lime flavors, the new products contain 12 grams of protein per 175g serving.

The latest expansion of the Silk product line is designed to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based options that are rich in protein, leveraging the comprehensive amino acid profile offered by pea protein. Additionally, the company’s strategic choice to source all pea protein exclusively from Canada is a positive development amidst the current challenges faced by North American pea protein producers.

“Our use of Canadian pea protein […] supports local sourcing and production”

Pea protein has become a popular ingredient in the plant-based protein sector due to its hypoallergenic properties when compared to soy and wheat proteins, along with its complete amino acid profile. However, the North American market is currently facing challenges with an influx of inexpensive pea protein from Asian markets, threatening the integrity of the domestic supply chain. According to PURIS, a US-based pea protein ingredients producer, Chinese companies are dumping high protein content (HPC) pea protein into the US market at less than fair market value while also receiving substantial financial support from the Chinese government.

Silk range
© Silk / Danone

Supporting local producers

Vice President of Research and Innovation at Danone Canada states, “We know from our research that not only are Canadians looking for products that help them achieve their daily protein intake goals, they’re also looking to purchase products sourced and produced in Canada. With this launch, we are proud to announce our use of Canadian pea protein to create a great tasting, high in protein product that supports local sourcing and production.”

Since acquiring Silk through the purchase of WhiteWave Foods in 2016, Danone has continued to expand its plant-based portfolio, including notable dairy alternative brands Alpro and So Delicious. Further strengthening its position, Danone invested over $65 million last year to enhance its production capabilities in Jacksonville, Florida, focusing on its coffee and creamer brands, including Silk Creamers.

In addition to launching the new pea protein yogurt, Silk has updated its coconut plant-based yogurt range with improved recipes, new flavors, and sizes. Both the new and improved products are now available in major retailers across Ontario and will begin rolling out in retailers across Canada.

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