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Desert Essence Launches Vegan Toothpaste

Following the launch of vegan bamboo toothbrushes, there is now a matching vegan toothpaste on the market. Desert Essence’s new toothpastes do not contain fluorides, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten or carrageenan, a controversial thickener found in many foods and personal care products. Instead, manufacturers use only natural and vegan ingredients.

Five years ago, the European Union banned the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals, and a total of almost 40 countries put an end to animal testing. The European Parliament supports a worldwide ban, and companies such as “The Body Shop” and “Lush Retail” are also dedicated to the fight against animal testing – a mission that Desert Essence has now joined.

The company is a certified B-Corp Corporation and uses only recyclable, BPA-free plastics in its packaging, along with biodegradable ingredients. These include baking powder, sea salt and zinc citrate, a mineral component that reduces the formation of plaque. The company has also committed to sourcing its ingredients, such as Australian tea tree oil, from environmentally friendly farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The company is thus responding to consumers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients of personal care products and the reality of animal testing.

The new toothpastes will be available in four versions: Himalayan pink salt, aloe and tea tree oil, arnica and tea tree oil and activated coconut charcoal. Desert Essence is thus entering a promising market, as the demand for vegan cosmetic products continues to grow.



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