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Dutch Supermarket Chain PLUS Introduces New Vegan Meat Substitutes

Supermarket chain PLUS has announced the launch of its own range of vegan meat substitutes in the Netherlands. This product roll-out follows the recent announcement from Dutch retail giant Jumbo of its new own-label ‘Lekker Veggie,’ which was launched last month.

With 270 stores, PLUS is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands and offers plant-based meat alternatives from well-known producers such as the Dutch company Vivera, Iglo’s Green Cuisine and Nestlé’s Garden Gourmet brand.

In 2020, PLUS was voted “Most Responsible Supermarket” in the Netherlands and achieved the highest score in the categories of Health, Sustainable Trade, Fair Trade, and Animal Welfare. PLUS claims that it is committed to taking the next step towards a more sustainable product range with the launch of its first own line of vegan meat alternatives.

mince meat PLUS

The new product range offers six products, including four soy-based alternatives to minced meat, sausages, burgers, and bacon, completed by wheat-based chicken pieces and a wiener schnitzel alternative made with rice flakes.

A statement on the PLUS company website comments on the launch of the new product line: “At PLUS we love good food. Not eating meat on a daily basis is a small effort with a big impact on the environment. As ‘Most Responsible Supermarket’ we are committed to this. That’s why we are introducing six new PLUS vegan meat substitutes.”

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