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Earth Company, Co-Founded by Matthew Kenney, Launches to Deliver Affordable Plant-Based Meals

US brand Earth Company announces it is launching a new line of nutritious meal bowls priced at $6 or less. Founded by entrepreneur Max Koenig and celebrity chef Matthew Kenney, Earth Company seeks to revolutionize the ready-meal market by offering scalable, affordable vegan meals that are shipped ready-to-eat to consumers.

“We found that many consumers are weary of converting to a plant-based diet…because they don’t want to sacrifice convenience or taste”

Earth Company’s warm bowls, which include curry, chili and bolognese options, are made to offer an “enjoyable culinary experience” while targeting cardiovascular, metabolism, and gut health. The dishes are free from additives and provide over 80 nutrients, including complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, protein, and fiber.

In addition to convenience – the bowls can be prepared in three minutes and have a shelf life of over one year – Earth Company practices environmental responsibility by utilizing “unattractive” produce that would otherwise be discarded, selling its meals in reusable jars, and using home-compostable packaging.

Plant-based meal/ dinner on table
©Earth Company

Sell-out demand

The brand reveals a 2022 nationwide test launch sold out within a week, proving a “clear demand” for the products and the company’s overall mission. Post-launch, the company states it has a waitlist with increasing demand for new products. 

“After my grandfather was diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases, I left my job and put all my time into supporting him throughout his healthcare journey, which included researching natural treatments,” says Max Koenig, co-founder and CEO. “After understanding the benefits of a plant-based diet, we both made the switch to a new routine and saw immediate benefits. I was inspired to bring the same impact and knowledge to others with Earth Company.”

Plant-based chili
©Earth Company

Elevating plant-based cuisine

“I’ve spent over 25 years elevating vegan and plant-based cuisine and surprising consumers with an innovative and delicious approach,” says Co-Founder and celebrity chef Matthew Kenney. “Being able to make this experience accessible with Earth Company was the natural next step.”

Kenney, a famed restauranteur who operates some 50 restaurants around the world, is also re-locating his legendary Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach, California to the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles. Located in Beverly Hills, the new restaurant will offer a full menu of upscale plant-based cuisine, including a cheese plate featuring Climax Foods’ AI-powered cheese

Climax Blue Cheese
©Climax Foods

As it expands its product range in the coming months, Earth Company eventually hopes to offer an entire day’s worth of meals for $10. 

“We found that many consumers are weary of converting to a plant-based diet, despite the proven personal and environmental benefits, because they don’t want to sacrifice convenience or taste,” says Koenig. “That’s because the existing options are limited and require extensive time in the kitchen. However, Earth Company is the solution to that problem, allowing everyone to enjoy a plant-based diet in a way that isn’t overwhelming, nor a huge investment of their time or money.”

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