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ffeel: New Vegan Coffee Drink from Melitta

Melitta’s new vegan coffee drink “ffeel” combines cold-brewed coffee with a wide variety of fruity flavours. The trendy drinks are already available in three different varieties.

The brand name “ffeel” is derived from the word “Coffeelemonade”, and refers to the composition of Melitta’s new beverage. The coffee manufacturers use so-called “cold-brewed coffee” for the drink – the coffee is mixed with cold water, in which it is steeped for at least 8 hours to create a more intense taste experience. In the second step, the unique fruity aromas of so-called superfruits are added to the coffee, and the drink is ready.

The coffee lemonade is  currently available in three varieties: “Coffee Grapefruit Yuzu”, “Coffee Calamansi Tangerine” and “Coffee Coconut Mango”. According to Melitta, the different varieties combine the flavours typical of the fruits (sour, fruity-fresh and sweet) with the finely bitter coffee aroma in different ways. In addition, the soft drink is milder and more aromatic in taste than hot-filtered coffee due to the reduced amount of acid and bitter substances in the cold coffee infusion.

There is a growing demand from many consumers for options for a conscious, vegan lifestyle and diet without added sugar, and “ffeel” satisfies these desires. During the development of the soft drink, the use of animal products, processed sugar and sweeteners was deliberately avoided. The high fruit content of 43 to 55 percent of the coffee drink should offer the consumer a unique and contemporary soft drink.

“ffeel” is available in returnable glass bottles directly from the ffeel online shop, but also in selected bars and cafés. The RRP is EUR 2.29 plus tax.



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