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“First-of-its-Kind” Vegan Collagen Hits Market from US Biodesign Company Geltor

US biodesign company Geltor, Inc. has announced a “first-of-its-kind” animal-free collagen for the food and beverage industries. The company claims its biodesigned ingredient product PrimaColl sets a new bar for collagens in terms of functionality, performance, and sustainability.

“An unprecedented opportunity to access new markets with a bona fide collagen that is truly animal-free”

Specialty protein company Geltor has designed PrimaColl, its animal-free collagen for use in the vegan food industry, as well for use in kosher and halal diets. Geltor is currently in discussions with category-leading food and beverage companies, with potential for first-to-market rights in select product categories. Geltor has also previously developed a plant-based elastin product named Elastapure for the vegan beauty industry.


The California-based company claims its new high-purity, bioactive ingredient differs from plant-based “collagen builder” or “collagen booster” formulations, as PrimaColl is a real collagen. It is an exact match to the bioactive amino acid core of the less abundant Type 21 collagen. Manufacturing of PrimaColl has begun in order to build commercial-scale inventory through summer 2021. Last year, Geltor closed a Series B financing round at an impressive $91.3 million for the creation of the world’s largest selection of designer proteins. 

“Collagen’s popularity is accelerating year-over-year, in spite of its constraints as an ingredient derived from animals. With PrimaColl™, our customers finally have an unprecedented opportunity to access new markets with a bona fide collagen that is truly animal-free,” stated Geltor CEO and co-founder Alex Lorestani.

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