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First Plant-Based Weight Management Product Takes the USA by Storm

The first plant-based weight control product has appeared on the US market. An extract from a special type of hop is said to reduce calorie intake by about 20 percent per meal. The product was previously developed and clinically tested in New Zealand for six years by New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research Institute.This market expansion was carried out by the New Zealand internet mail order company Calocurb, which is known for innovations in the vegan market segment. The product is intended to reduce cravings for food and thus lead to healthier portioning of meals. The concept is based on the growing demand for vegan products and is aimed at customers who previously used synthetic fat burners or similar products.

The ingredients of this meal minimalizer were designed by scientists from New Zealand. The most important ingredient is Amarasate®, which is an extract of various types of hop plants. Researchers spent more than six years developing this active ingredient in the laboratory before the product reached market maturity. The hop mixture used in the study and in numerous tests finally achieved the best results. It works because of the “bitter brake” – a physiological mechanism that tells the brain to stop eating.

The CEO of the company, Sarah Kennedy, considers her vegan alternative to conventional weight-reducing products to be a market innovation. According to her, the demand for this product is great: “Calocurb is an absolute game changer when it comes to health and sustainable weight reduction. While there are no magic weight loss pills yet, we believe that our product helps you to lose weight in a positive way.”

According to the manufacturer, the product should lead to a reduction in calories of up to 20 percent for all meals. Calocurb is now available for $49.95, and a bottle lasts for one month.



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