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Flave Launches Ready Meals Containing vEEF Vegan Beef

Australian plant-based ready meal company Flave has introduced Fenn Foods’ “vEEF” into some of its ready meals. Made in Australia, vEEF is a sustainable soy-based alternative to beef.

Eleven of Flave’s ready meals use vEEF, including its Charcoal Spag Bol, Lasagne Lover, and Chili Mex. One of the most exciting things about vEEF is that it is carbon-neutral — and Fenn Foods also has plans to make its entire company and all its products carbon-neutral by 2022. When Fenn Foods first launched vEEF mince, it was the first carbon-neutral vegan mince in the world.

“I use vEEF plant-based mince in many of our Flave dishes because it’s Australian-made, gluten-free, GMO & MSG-free and has a high protein content,” said Scotty, head chef at Flave. “vEEF has a similar texture to ground beef when it’s caramelised down. It has a really tasty umami flavour and blends well with all the herbs & spices in my cooking.”

Carbon Neutral Plant Based Mince
Courtesy of Fenn Foods

Flave offers delivery of its ready meals to 500 postcodes in three Australian states. Its meals use a variety of flavours inspired by the country’s multicultural population.

“We are proud to be supplying an Australian brand making such great strides in the plant-based movement. Flave meals are high-quality and we know they choose their ingredients with care, so it’s an achievement to have made the cut. We look forward to working with them more in 2021,” said Alejandro Cancino, vEEF CEO and co-founder.

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