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Forager Project: Yoghurts Made From Coconut and Cashew Milk

The San Francisco-based Forager Project, founded in 2013, aims to create a line of organic, plant-based, dairy-free foods made from simple ingredients. Its latest products are vegan yoghurts and milks.

The new products are made from cashew and coconut milk. They are called Coconut Cashew Milk and Coconut Cashewgurt. The cashew yoghurt is available in the flavours berry, lime, coconut and mango, whilst the milk is offered either unsweetened or with vanilla.

“Our goal at Forager is to make it easier to eat organic, plant-based food,” says John-Charles Hanley, co-founder of the Forager Project. “Animal agriculture is a huge contributor to climate change. The more that people move to a plant-based diet, the better off we’ll be.” The products are sold in supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Safeway in the USA.

The success of the Forager Project’s yoghurts is reflected in a recent forecast of yoghurt consumption in the USA. According to the report, consumers are turning away from traditional dairy yoghurt and towards plant-based yoghurt. Younger, more health-conscious vegan Americans are primarily responsible for this.

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