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French Charcuterie Company Aoste Launches Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

French charcuterie company Aoste has expanded its presence in the meat alternatives market with the launch of a new range of products under the Better Balance brand.

The range features five meat alternatives — burgers, sausages, breaded cutlets, original chunks, and chunks with herbs. They are made from ingredients such as soy, peas, wheat, and vegetable oil, and are free of palm oil. The products will be available for both retail and food service, and all five have received a Nutriscore of A.

The launch is said to be Aoste’s most significant in a decade in the French market, and the company aims to achieve a 10% market share in plant-based by 2026 according to Points de Vente. Aoste will promote Better Balance through a social media campaign and partnerships with influencers.

This is not the first time Aoste has entered the meat alternatives category — the company previously launched a vegetarian ham range in Belgium in 2017, though the products are not suitable for vegans due to the use of egg whites. The company said at the time that it planned to expand the range and possibly introduce vegan products.

Better Balance new burger line
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Better Balance worldwide

Aoste is owned by Spain’s Campofrío Food Group, itself owned by Mexico’s Sigma Alimentos. The latter has previously launched meat and cheese alternatives under the Better Balance brand in the US, Mexico, and Spain, securing various strategic partnerships worldwide.

In January, Better Balance announced a collaboration with New York-based Chunk Foods to develop co-branded plant-based whole cuts for the Latin American market.

“The plant-based segment remains incredibly enticing, with substantial untapped potential waiting to be discovered,” said Helio Castaño, VP of Plant Based Global at Better Balance, following the announcement of the partnership. “Better Balance aims to meet the evolving consumer demands for taste, texture, ingredient transparency, and ease of preparation.”

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