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FryAway Plant-Based Powder Provides Sustainable Solution to Cooking Oil

FryAway, a new plant-based solution for cooking oil clean-up, is causing a buzz for discerning home chefs across the US. The FryAway plant-based powder solidifies used cooking oil, removing stress in the kitchen and providing a sustainable solution to leftover oil.

Founded by CEO Laura Lady, FryAway cooking oil solidifier is simple to use and turns the oil into completely organic waste that will later decompose thanks to the plant-based non-toxic ingredients. The product comes in three varieties and is currently available via the FryAway website and Amazon

FryAway plant-based powder cooking oil


Proper disposal of frying oil is a big issue. Pouring it down the drain can cause plumbing clogs and dumping it outside can be dangerous for the environment. Oil that joins other waste products in the sewer systems can create disruptive “fatbergs” that harm ecosystems and cost millions to dislodge. One such fatberg the weight of a small bungalow was recently cleared from an east London sewer.

“At FryAway, we are thrilled to make the frying as enjoyable as the eating and we’re proud to contribute to a planet-friendly frying culture”, states the company.  

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