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Future Food Group Expands Product Development to Include Vegan Fish and Cheese

The Future Food Group (FFG) has expanded its product development as part of its vision of “protein-rich foods of the future”. To achieve this, the company is investing in new technologies and focusing on developing a greater variety of end products. While FFG has so far specialised in the production of meat substitutes, the company is now taking a broader approach. For example, the company recently presented a new plant-based fish burger and a cheese alternative.

The Future Food Group says it is constantly moving to develop really good and affordable alternatives while keeping healthy nutritional values in mind. To this end, FFG has also acquired and further developed a new technology. The product innovation team, which includes (former) butchers, now has its own FFG 3D extrusion technology. In this way, realistic fibre structures can be produced.

Vegan Fish burger “like fish” © Future Food Group
© Future Food Group

Jos Havekotte, Senior Innovation Manager at Future Food Group, comments: “We can call it a new generation of meat replacement products. Because of the technology, the appearance, taste and texture of the meat are so well reflected that you would not believe the products are plant-based. During cooking, for example of a stir-fry dish, the structures absorb the juices of the other ingredients and / or the sauce. These absorbed juices are released when chewed, creating a tender, juicy effect – an experience similar to eating animal meat.”

All these developments lead to a significant increase in available products in a short time. Vegan cheese slices, vegan cheese, schnitzel, fish style burgers, and ‘like chicken’ and ‘like beef’ strips are some of the products in the new range that Future Food Group will be able to supply from this month.

The Veggie Lovers meatballs
© Future Food Group


“Fortunately, technology is advancing and we can always do more. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. With every new product we develop, we move step by step towards more sustainable protein use in our food,” Havekotte says.

The products will be offered in retail and foodservice under the own brands PLNT and The Veggie Lovers, but can also be supplied as private label.

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