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Future Food Group Launches New Vegan Brand PLNT: “Meat Eaters are Our Target Group”

Future Food Group has announced the launch of its own brand of meat alternatives under the name PLNT, offering products such as plant-based chicken strips and lunch meat, available in both bulk and unit packs. The company is headed by Anton Bal, an experienced butcher and commercial director in the world of alt protein

Future Food Group, as we reported last month, will be the exclusive EU supplier for products from fast-growing Brazilian startup Future Farm. Anton Bal commented on the distribution deal: “The vision we have with Future Food Group is ‘protein-rich food of the future’”.

Jos Havekotte, Innovation Manager at Future Food Group, said: “Meat eaters are our target group. Very experienced butchers are involved in the development of our plant-based products. They know exactly what a meat eater expects and likes. If butchers are convinced, we know we have a good alternative.”


PLNT’s says its ingredients are grown in Europe with production taking place in the Netherlands. The company has a wide range of products in different product categories, namely:

  • Vegan lunch meat (including plant-based mortadella, ham and chicken fillet)
  • Crispy bites (bread crumbed meat alternatives such as schnitzel and nuggets)
  • Season specialties (think vegetable smoked sausage and spare ribs)
  • The perfect base (including “minced meat”, “beef strips”, “chicken strips”)
  • True classics (such as pulled burger, meat ball and bratwurst, just plant-based)
  • Richly stuffed with vegetables (eg Quinoa Burger, Tomato Burger)
  • Golden pride (such as plant-based cheese schnitzel and Cordon Blue)

PLNT products are offered to retail under its own brand, but can also be supplied as a private label. PLNT is also available for the Foodservice. Organisations looking for more information about the products and pricing can contact Future Food Group at phone +31 412 257 770 or by email [email protected].

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