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Game Changers Star James Wilks Launches Protein Powder Made With Upcycled Barley

James Wilks, a former UFC fighter who produced and starred in the critically acclaimed documentary The Game Changers, has founded a new sports nutrition brand called FȲTA.

The first products to launch are protein powders containing EverPro, a plant-based protein made from upcycled American barley. The ingredient is produced by EverGrain, a company that uses proprietary technologies to turn spent brewer’s grain into high-quality ingredients.

“It’s amazing to think that such a high quality protein was being thrown away”

During beer brewing, the carbohydrates in grains are separated from the protein and fiber. While the carbohydrates are used to initiate the fermentation process, the other components are normally sent to landfill or used as livestock feed. However, EverGrain has developed a method to upcycle them.

According to FȲTA, the resulting protein is the most soluble and digestible in the category. It is also said to be the most sustainable protein commercially available at scale, requiring 14 times less land and 34 times less water than whey protein while generating five times fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


“Truly unique product”

FȲTA’s new Elite Plant Protein combines EverPro with lupin beans to create an easy-to-mix plant-based powder. Available in the flavors Café Latte, Creamy Chocolate, and Caramel Vanilla, it contains 30 grams of protein per serving, including all nine essential amino acids.

Elite Plant Protein also contains 3g of fiber and minimal added sugar. In a blind taste test, FȲTA claims the products were preferred 3 to 1 over comparable leading protein powders, with testers especially impressed by their rapid solubility in any liquid.

The launch comes just weeks after it was announced that a Game Changers sequel is in the works. The original documentary — which explores the benefits of a plant-based diet for athletic performance — has been viewed over 100 million times. It has also received accreditations from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“It’s amazing to think that such a high quality, highly digestible, and highly versatile protein was being thrown away,” said Wilks. “EverGrain’s efforts to upcycle a protein that would otherwise go to waste not only resulted in a truly unique product, but aligns with our mission to create a stronger, healthier population and planet.”

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