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Get Plant’d Launches New Deli Sandwich Alt Meat Products in Coles Stores Across Australia

Plant-based brand Get Plant’d announces new deli sandwich alt meat products — Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices — that will launch at selected Coles supermarkets across Australia this week.

“We know that plant-curious shoppers are looking for convenience and variety” 

Get Plant’d is a brand under Cale and Daughters (an Australian company known for its plant-based cheese), co-founded by Cale Drouin to offer vegans and meat-eaters great tasting and convenient alternative meat products. Last year, the brand’s range, including meat-free pepperoni, bacon, roast duck, roast chicken, and roast pork, debuted at 800 Coles stores.

“Our new Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices are the perfect sandwich fillings and will make lunchtimes easy, said Get Plant’d co-founder Cale Drouin. “We know that plant-curious shoppers are looking for convenience and variety.” 

Get Plant’d deli sandwich ham slices
© Get Plant’d

Mimicking traditional meat

As described by Get Plant’d, its new ham slices, made with imported ingredients but packed in Australia, have a traditional shaved ham flavour while the steak slices taste like “old-fashioned roast beef.”

Get Plant’d manufactures its steak slices in a dedicated facility in southwest Brisbane. The company worked with an in-house R&D chef —Josie Wyatt — to ensure the steak slices met the growing demand for high-quality vegan alt-meats.

“Our steak slices are made from seitan, which is a low-fat source of plant-based protein. To create seitan, we take a specific type of flour, add water, and create a dough that can be seasoned and cooked to mimic traditional meat,” Drouin said.

Get Plant’d deli sandwich steak slices
© Get Plant’d

“Seitan has been used as a meat substitute in Asian culinary traditions for centuries. While we’re using a time-honoured method, we have made some tweaks to produce Get Plant’d Steak Slices at large-scale volumes,” explained chef Josie Wyatt. 

Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices will be available in the chilled aisle at Coles supermarkets from Wednesday 15th of March, with stock arriving in Western Australia the following week.



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