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Giorgio Foods Launch Vegan Jerky

The market for vegan jerky is a relatively new one, which is already showing a great deal of growth and potential. Brands already available and doing well include Louisville, Primal Street, Watermelon Road, Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Herbivorous Butcher, and Unisoy. Another contender is the mushroom specialist  Giorgio Foods, whose line of vegan jerky went to retail this summer.

Giorgio Foods call themselves “America’s favourite mushroom” and their company history goes back to 1928 when their founder Pietro Giorgi built his first mushroom houses in Pennsylvania. This July, inkeeping with current health-based trends, Giorgio launched a vegan line of savoury snacks. Savory Wild Portabella Jerky is a plant-based, healthy snacking solution in the on-trend jerky category. It comes in three flavours: Roasted Garlic & Black Pepper, Sweet Balsamic & Golden Fig and Sesame, Ginger & Korean Chili.

The Portabella Jerky snacks are full of umami flavor and each bag contains half a pound of hand-picked Portabella mushrooms. There are no artificial ingredients, no hydrogenated oils and no preservatives. Savory Wild is gluten free, low in calories and fat and packed with the antioxidant-rich mineral Selenium.

“Giorgio has a firm commitment to lead the category with innovative products,” said Brian Loiseau, senior vice president of sales, business development and R&D for Giorgio Foods. “We are actively investing in R&D and consumer insights to bring new ways for consumers to enjoy the nutritious and delicious benefits of umami-packed mushrooms.”

After bringing the new product to a  New York food show this July, Loiseau described interest as “wildly successful.”



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