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Gordon Ramsay to Offer Bleeding Vegan Burger

Singapore, home to several vegan enterprises including Veganburg and a $110 million clean meat lab facility, has a thriving plant-based scene. It is also a prominent location for Michelin star restaurants; and yesterday it was announced that these two scenes will merge – and that high-end restaurants from Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck and David Myer, will now be launching the famous Impossible Burger to their menus.

The Impossible burger is said to be extremely lifelike in terms of its taste and texture, and was the first burger to “bleed” with beetroot juice. Impossible’s Pat Brown claims that the key to this realistic taste is an ingredient called heme, an iron-carrying nutrient found in both animal blood and vegetables. Initially, the American FDA were hesitant to clear heme as suitable for human consumption, but finally it was approved and since then the Impossible burger has been a phonemenon, selling out across retail chains and now available in over 5000 restaurants around the world.

Gordon Ramsay has been famously anti-vegan and created controversy last year with the Twitter post,”I’m a member of PETA ! People eating tasty animals……” But from 7th March, Ramsay will now offer the Impossible Burger in his Singapore restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, as will two further Michelin locations: CUT by Wolfgang Puck, and Adrift by David Myers.

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