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Great Britain: Vegan Milkshake from Burger Chain Byron

Vegans and meat-lovers alike can now buy vegan milkshakes at the burger chain Byron. The British company is not alone in making this decision – the Swedish burger chain Max Burgers is also increasingly focusing on vegan products, and is only selling vegan milkshakes. Both burger chains are demonstrating that they have recognized increasing consumer awareness of the many benefits of vegan nutrition. In addition, many companies nowadays are at liberty to produce in an environmentally-friendly and meat-free manner.

In April, Byron launched a beetroot burger called “the Beetnik”. The Beetnik is the first vegan burger in the chain, and consists of a beetroot falafel patty with avocado, red onions, kale and red pepper ketchup.

Due to strong demand for the vegan burger, it was almost inevitable that the company would offer a dairy-free product in the form of a shake. The new Vegan Brownie Freakshake is a combination of vegan vanilla ice cream, coconut milk, dairy-free whipped cream, chocolate sauce and vegan chocolate brownie. The burger chain gets the brownie pieces from the Vegan Antics Bakery. The bakery produces vegan cupcakes, biscuits, pancakes and other plant-based bakery products, which are then delivered throughout the UK.

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