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Green Boy Group Announces Plant-Based Protein For Alt Dairy Industry

Green Boy Group announced today that it is launching Plant-Dairy Protein™ developed for the plant-based dairy industry from pea, mung bean, fava bean and chickpea, for the production of a range of innovations from vegan cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, spreads, butter, mayonnaise to eggs.

Plant-Dairy Protein™ is a ‘dairy grade’ non-GMO functional plant-based protein powder which reportedly has a neutral flavor profile and is said to enhance mouthfeel, boost nutritional properties and enlarge the textured aspects in plant-based dairy products.

Green Boy Group protein
©Green Boy Group

“The plant-based dairy products are developing rapidly in all sorts of forms and shapes, and you have to be able to keep up with their demands,” explains Frederik Otten, co-founder of Green Boy Group. “Our customers want to create the ultimate plant-based cheese, yoghurt or spread. As the market leader in the plant-based protein segment we have the technical know-how, experience and capability to supply the industry via Plant-Dairy Protein™ with a versatile range of functional plant-based protein in terms of superior texture, flavor profile, mouthfeel and protein enhancement. International brands rely on us to formulate the highest quality plant-based dairy products out there. Green Boy has the advantage to offer Plant-Dairy Protein™ worldwide through our offices in the US, Europe and Australia.”

“After our introduction of Plant-Meat Protein™ in the US and EU last summer, and the tremendous market interest that followed, we were approached by a lot of plant-based dairy producers” says Green Boy Group co-founder Peter van Dijken “the only logical step for us was to develop a functional plant-based protein that specifically caters to the plant-based dairy needs.”

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