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Green Rebel Unveils “Asia’s First” Whole-Cut Plant-Based Steak, Launches at Steakhouse Chains

Indonesian startup Green Rebel has launched what it claims are the first whole-cut plant-based steaks in Asia. The new steaks are already rolling out at two leading Indonesian steakhouse chains — ABUBA Steak and Pepperlunch.

ABUBA Steak will offer eight menu items made with the plant-based steaks, priced the same as its conventional steak. Pepperlunch will offer two items, priced lower than its non-vegan options.

The new steaks come in two varieties — the Beefless Steak, made with shiitake mushrooms, and the Chick’n Steak, made with soy. They are being launched during World Environment Month, helping to raise awareness of the environmental impact of meat production and the resources that can be saved by switching to plant-based alternatives.

Green Rebel already offers a range of alt-meat products in Southeast Asia, tailored to the local market. They include Chick’n Satay, Chick’n Katsu, and Beefless Rendang.

Green Rebel steak
© Green Rebel

While alt-meat producers typically focus on products such as burgers and nuggets, a growing number are recognising the need to offer alternatives to whole cuts of meat. Earlier this year, Juicy Marbles launched a luxury plant-based filet mignon steak, while Aleph Farms introduced a cell-cultured thick steak. And as recently as May, MeaTech announced it would be opening a factory in Belgium to 3D-print cell-cultured whole meat cuts.

“I’m very excited about launching our new creations in Abuba & Pepper Lunch,” said Green Rebel co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Chef Max Mandias. “Both brands are the go-to family restaurants, where the conscious young generations can bring their parents and grandparents — the market segments that are less likely to try plant-based meat. As a chef, I’m also thrilled because now there’s a steak made from plant-based ingredients where the chefs can cook passionately, and customers won’t believe that it is made from plants.”

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