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GREENFORCE Launches Vegan Meatloaf Made From Pulses

Munich-based foodtech startup GREENFORCE presents a vegan Leberkäse (a German meatloaf traditionally made from beef, pork, and bacon), based on pea and field bean protein, following its sales hit with vegan Weißwurst for Oktoberfest 2022.

According to the company, the alternative product not only looks like the animal-based original, but also comes remarkably close in taste and consistency.

Greenforce meatloaf packaging shot
© Greenforce

National soccer player and Greenforce brand ambassador Thomas Müller, who invested in GREENFORCE in April 2022, commented on the launch: “Influenced by Bavarian food culture, I naturally grew up with a treat like Leberkäse. I’m a Leberkäs expert, and Greenforce’s tastes outstanding. Saugut, without a sow.”

The vegan loaf is made from pea and field bean protein and comes as a source of fiber without the addition of soy or flavor enhancers. The slices, each 80g thick, are offered in convenient double-chamber packs and are available to food retailers in single-brand cartons of 5 packs.

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