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Holland & Barrett are Searching for New Vegan Products

The British health food retailer Holland & Barrett is seeking 500 new vegan products this year, as the chain wants to open its first independent vegan shop.

Holland & Barrett already offer a large selection of vegan and vegetarian food in their 800 British and Irish branches, but would like to expand their vegan assortment with new categories such as chilled and frozen snacks, sports nutrition and drinks-to-go. The announcement follows a few weeks after the news that Holland & Barrett plans to open a fully vegan superstore.

“We currently have no timetable, as our portfolio of larger and more modern stores opening across the UK is changing rapidly,” said a Holland & Barrett spokesman. “However, we are confident that we will open this business format in the not too distant future and look forward to keeping the vegan community informed.”

The company has now announced that up to 500 additional vegan products will be listed this year, indicating further progress in the implementation of produce that is purely vegan.

“We have long advocated a herbal lifestyle and even offer members of the Vegan Society a discount in the shop. With the growing number of vegans in the UK, there is a need for a wider range of great products to choose from,” commented Emma Cockerill, Head of Product Development at Holland & Barrett. She added that her purchasing team would welcome innovative suppliers.

“We know from our suppliers that vegan food tastes better than ever before, and is available in many other categories than just the refrigerated shelf. That’s why we’re open to working with brands of all sizes, from full distribution to pure online offerings or listings in our larger ‘H & B More Stores’,” she added.

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