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Hooray Foods Rolls Out New “AWESOMER” Plant-Based Bacon Across US

Plant-based bacon brand Hooray Foods is launching its new and improved AWESOMER bacon at US grocery stores and foodservice nationwide. Featuring a “game-changing” crispy and chewy texture, Hooray says its latest version of the product mimics the flavor of pork bacon like never before. 

A winning combination

Debuting in Whole Foods, Wegmans and other regional chains in July, the AWESOMER bacon strips feature a variety of crispy and chewy parts created by Hooray’s proprietary emulsion forming technology. The bacon is also enhanced with new natural flavors that deliver a more fatty and meaty taste. 

With just 40 calories per strip, Hooray’s bacon contains  65% fewer calories, 75% less fat and 40% less sodium than conventional pork bacon. The product is also made with simple and allergy-friendly ingredients like rice flour, pea starch and coconut oil. Shoppers can identify the new version by a green “AWESOMER” sticker on the package. 

Hooray Foods Improved AWESOME Bacon
©Hooray Foods

“Since our debut in late 2020, we’ve been focused on reaching meat eaters and flexitarians because they are a key demographic in driving our mission of creating a healthier planet going forward,” said Sri Artham, CEO and founder of Hooray Foods. “Taste has always been the greatest barrier to people trying plant-based meats, so from the moment our original bacon hit stores, we knew there was more work to be done.”

1.5 years in development

First launched in 2020, Hooray Foods’ bacon now can be found in major retailers throughout the US and Canada, as well as popular restaurant chains like Fuddruckers. Since 2021, the brand has raised nearly $5M in seed funding from investors that include Stray Dog Capital, VC firm Kale United, and David Hoffman, former CEO of Dunkin’.

Fuddruckers Hooray Foods Bacon Burger
©Hooray Foods

“Full sensory experience”

 “We’ve spent more than a year and a half testing a variety of ingredients to improve our texture, researching flavors to create a rounder flavor profile, and conducting a comprehensive color analysis to elevate the appearance of the product,” said Hooray Foods food scientist Patrick Dziura. “The end result is a winning combination that delivers the full sensory experience of cooking and eating bacon.”

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