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HOWND Introduces “World’s First” Porridge for Dogs

British company HOWND, which produces ethical pet products, has introduced a new type of dog food — ready-made porridge. It will launch in time for World Porridge Day, which is on October 10.

The new product, Fresh Blueberry & Coconut Porridge with Chia & Oats, is part of HOWND’s Plant Powered Superfood range, which launched earlier this year. Another new addition to the range is Fragrant Papaya Chia & Lentil Dahl with Coconut & Moringa.

HOWND will also be introducing its first dry food recipe this autumn — Plant Powered Superfood with Hemp Protein and Moringa. Its products are all vet-approved, and the company aims to shatter the myth that dogs are obligate carnivores — in reality, they are omnivores and can thrive on an entirely plant-based diet.

HOWND’s foods are available from its website and at select retailers.

HOWND dog food

Ethical pet food

Animal-free pet food is a growing area, with various companies working to meet demand. In the US, Wild Earth is producing highly successful plant-based pet food and is working on cell-cultured alternatives. Bond Pet Foods makes its plant-based products using fermentation, while Because, Animals is also developing cultured pet food.

“HOWND is completely focussed on maintaining optimal health and wellbeing in dogs while avoiding harm to other animals and the planet, and our customers share this passion,” said HOWND Co-Founder Jo Amit. “Since the launch of our plant-powered dog food in February, we’ve built up a loyal pack of dogs who are thriving on our first Pumpkin Casserole recipe — be it a healthier coat, happier tummy, or getting back to their optimum weight. As such we’re very encouraged to continue our efforts to help more dogs unleash their inner healthy, happy HOWND.”

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