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Impact Food Debuts Sushi-Grade Plant-Based Salmon on World Oceans Day

Impact Food, a food technology startup developing sustainable seafood alternatives, has announced the debut of its sushi-grade plant-based salmon to coincide with World Oceans Day. 

As part of its introduction, Impact Food showcased its plant-based salmon at two World Oceans Week events, one in New York City and another in Tokyo, Japan. In New York, the product was featured at the Explorer’s Club World Ocean’s Week, where it was served in sushi rolls and ceviche. Meanwhile in Tokyo, the salmon premiered at Oisix Ra Daichi’s annual World Oceans Day event, where it was presented in sashimi and nigiri formats and featured on TV Tokyo’s WBS program.

“After months of iterations […] we are so excited to see this product come to life”

Impact Food’s new product builds on its flagship offering, Impact Tuna, which last year launched in Onigilly restaurants in San Francisco and later secured a distribution deal with Pokeworks, expanding into New York. The development of the plant-based salmon utilized Impact Food’s proprietary texturization technology, designed to mimic the texture and taste of conventional seafood.

Impact Food salmon sushi roll
© Impact Food

Lead food scientist and creator of Impact Salmon, Daphne Jumilla, expressed excitement over the product’s development: “After months of iterations, a handful of tastings, and door-to-door feedback from our existing and future customers, we are so excited to see this product come to life! Our plant-based salmon is not only a delicious and nutritious alternative, but it also plays a crucial role in reducing the pressure on our overfished oceans.”

The plant-based salmon is made from natural ingredients, including konjac, peas, and algae, which provides an authentic ocean flavor and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Mission-driven innovation

Kelly Tan, co-founder and CEO of Impact Food, commented on the launch, stating, “Our mission is to revolutionize the seafood industry with plant-based alternatives that are better for the planet and future generations. We are thrilled to introduce our plant-based salmon, a product that embodies our commitment to sustainability and innovation. There’s no better day to launch our presale than on World Oceans Day, as we strive to protect and preserve our oceans.”

Impact Food salmon nigiri
© Impact Food

The path to a more sustainable future

Stephanie Claudino Daffara, co-founder and COO of Impact Food, commented, “With the hard work and dedication of our team, it’s incredible to see how swiftly we’ve expanded our texturization platform to create a diverse range of sustainable seafood options. Our mission is to alleviate the pressures on our oceans caused by overfishing and other environmental threats. We firmly believe that innovative food solutions like ours are a key part of the path to a more sustainable future.”

“Our mission is to revolutionize the seafood industry”

In an interview with vegconomist, Pan stated, “We plan to make our plant-based seafood available and accessible to the mass market and transform the way we eat to make a positive impact on our food system.”

To celebrate the launch, Impact Food is offering discounted wholesale pre-orders until June 22, allowing foodservice providers, restaurants, and retailers to access the new product at a reduced price. Deliveries for these pre-orders are scheduled for early fall of this year.

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