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India: Blue Tribe Launches Plant-Based Pork and Chicken Sausages

Indian food tech company Blue Tribe has unveiled the latest products in its range — plant-based chicken and pork sausages. Both types are made with pea protein.

The sausages are high in fibre, fortified with vitamin B12, and free of cholesterol. They are now available in cities across India from Blue Tribe’s online store.

In August, Blue Tribe launched plant-based chicken keema and chicken nuggets in the cities of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali, all of which are famous for their chicken dishes. The company is quickly building a loyal fanbase, and it claims many of its customers are not vegetarian or vegan.

Blue Tribe was founded by Sandeep Singh of pharmaceutical company Alkem Labs, along with his wife Nikki. Last year, they showcased the brand’s products at The Good Food Institute India’s Smart Protein Summit.

Blue Tribe founders Sandeep Singh, Niki Arora Singh
Blue Tribe founders Sandeep Singh & Niki Arora Singh, image supplied

The number of plant-based products being launched in India has been increasing rapidly as demand surges. Studies have shown that the Indian population is much more open to cell-cultured and plant-based meat than Western consumers, and GFI India has been working with AAK Kamani to advance the alt-protein industry in the country.

“In addition to our plant-based Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Keema, customers will now be able to taste and enjoy plant-based Chicken Sausages and Pork Sausages,” said Sandeep Singh. “So far we have received amazing traction and love from customers, and we strive to do better each day.”

He added, “Largescale [meat] consumption is disrupting ecological balance. That’s why we have introduced plant-based products made with the latest food-tech technology so that consumers won’t have to compromise with taste and quality, and the Earth will have space to breathe and rejuvenate.” 

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