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The ISH Company Introduces Salmonish Burgers to “Exceed Consumer Expectations” for Sustainable Seafood Protein

Alt seafood startup The ISH Company announces it is launching Salmonish™, a new plant-based salmon burger that is made to offer a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to conventional seafood. Made with regenerative ingredients like kelp, Salmonish Burgers will be available to food service through North America’s largest food redistributor, Dot Foods.

“The plant-based seafood market is primed for exponential growth”

Salmonish Burgers marks ISH Food’s third product release, following its successful launch of plant-based shrimp products Shrimpish® and Shrimpish® Crumbles into US food service last year. Similar to Shrimpish, ISH states the new salmon burgers are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Each serving provides 14 grams of protein and 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, while offering a convenient and easy-to-prepare product for consumers, says the brand. 

To create the burgers, ISH says its team focused on flavor, texture and sustainability to accurately recreate the taste, feel and look of real salmon. The burger’s recipe also includes kelp – an ocean-regenerating ingredient that is high in minerals. 

Healthy Plant-Based Salmon Burger
©The ISH Company

Second-most popular seafood

According to ISH, salmon is the second-most consumed seafood product in the US after shrimp. The global demand for salmon has placed significant stress on supply chains, leading to plateauing wild fish populations and disruption of delicate marine ecosystems. Salmon farming and harvesting also carry increased climate change impacts – when compared to conventional animal foods, ISH reports that Salmonish has a 5.6 smaller carbon footprint than traditional salmon, and its footprint is 44.9 times lower than beef. 

The debut of Salmonish follows The ISH Company’s $5M seed funding raise in January, which was led by ACCELR8 with participation from Stray Dog Capital and angel investors. ISH, which says it is currently developing more than 25 plant-based seafood products, has raised a total of $10M in funding. 

Plant-Based Fried Shrimp
Shrimpish ©The ISH Company

“Climate conscious” products

“After the successful debut of Shrimpish early last year, The ISH Company is thrilled to continue creating innovative, climate-conscious products during the rise of plant-based meat substitutes,” said Christie Fleming, president and chief operating officer at The ISH Company. “The plant-based seafood market is primed for exponential growth and given the popularity of salmon, we have a great opportunity to help consumers make both delicious and more mindful food choices, further amplified with our ability to distribute through Dot Foods now as well.”

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