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Jampa’s: All-Natural Vegan Pork Pies Developed by “Ex-Carnivore” Chef

UK brand Jampa’s has launched all-natural, artisan vegan pork pies that it describes as “game-changing”.

The pies were developed by Richard Fox — an “ex-carnivore” vegan chef and award-winning cookbook author — in his kitchen during lockdown. Two years of consumer taste testing saw an extremely positive response from meat-eaters, flexitarians, and vegans alike, with the product often said to be “like a pork pie, but better”.

According to Fox, the pies generate around 70% fewer carbon emissions than conventional pork pies, and are free of artificial ingredients such as methylcellulose.

“I wanted Porky Pies to retain their artisan status and as a chef, I flatly refused to create anything that wasn’t entirely natural or that would require ultraprocessing. After careful development, I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved that goal,” he said.

Vegan pork pie
© Jampa’s

“Ultimate meaty experience”

The vegan pork pies are already available via fine foods distributor Cotswold Fayre. They can be supplied frozen, chilled, or even unbaked for the food service market.

The products are also set to make their retail debut at supermarket chain Booths, with the launch accompanied by a marketing campaign and tastings at food shows nationwide.

“I didn’t give up meat because I don’t like the taste of it; as a former meat eater, perfecting vegan alternatives has been a passion of mine for some time. It was important that the end result had the appearance, texture, and most importantly taste of an actual pork pie. My mission was to give die-hard meat eaters, new wave flexitarians and born-again vegans everywhere the ultimate meaty experience – without actually eating meat,” said Fox.

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