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Jooma Introduces New Almond Milk Concentrate for the Chinese Market

Jooma, a Chinese subsidiary of Munich-based NOIX AG, is launching an almond milk concentrate called Call Me Almond Milk for the Chinese market. The company claims it is the first to offer this type of product. 

“The concentrate saves considerably on transport and packaging.”

NOIX is a plant-based food developer operating in China. The company was awarded the Good Food Award in 2021 and 2022 for its sustainable almond-based yogurt brand Jooma, becoming only the second foreign producer to receive this award after Oatly. Recently, Jooma continued its innovation in the plant-based food sector with a range of coconut based-yogurts.

Jooma Good-Food-Award written in Chinese

High-quality almond milk

Call Me Almond Milk allows consumers to make high-quality almond milk for any occasion, including warm almond milk — an important option in China.

“Our panel tests have confirmed the excellent taste,” said Ran Guo, managing director of Jooma, who added that customers can add any ingredient they like to enhance the taste.

“We used our modern, very gentle technology instead of chemicals to achieve the highest quality and healthiest product possible,” said NOIX’s head of business development, Kamil Gajewski.

Growing awareness of sustainability

The almond milk concentrate is made with 100% high-quality almonds, which are rich in protein, vitamin E, and dietary fibre. Following Jooma’s natural ingredients philosophy, the innovative product does not contain oils, stabilisers, thickeners, preservatives, or emulsifiers.

“Despite the very high quality, it is not only much cheaper than pre-packaged almond milk but also much more sustainable,” the company says.

a display of many almond yogurts made by Jooma
© Jooma

Dr. Schmale, founder of NOIX AG, said, “Almond milk per se is more sustainable than cow’s milk. Yet, the concentrate also saves considerably on transport and packaging. This fits perfectly with the growing awareness of sustainability and China’s adopted sustainability goals at the just-concluded COP27 conference in Egypt.”

Call Me Almond Milk comes in 250g jars, with each one creating 20 250ml portions of almond milk.

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