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KFC Canada to Make Plant-Based Chicken Permanent Menu Item

KFC Canada announces the company is making vegan fried chicken, using Lightlife plant-based fillets, a fixed menu item. The product will also be available as a new popcorn chicken option, available for a limited time. 

Having made headlines in the US after announcing a national rollout of Beyond Meat’s fried chicken this week, KFC in Canada is also actively expanding the chain’s plant-based chicken menu. 

KFC Canada Plant-Based Chicken Sandwich
Image courtesy of KFC Canada

“A month’s worth of sandwiches in six hours”

KFC Canada first tested a Lightlife-based chicken sandwich in 2019 to resounding success. At the time, a KFC spokesperson said the company sold “a month’s worth of sandwiches in six hours” and the huge demand for plant-based menu items compelled the chain to “quickly to bring these menu items to our restaurants across Canada.” 

The sandwiches have become a fixed part of the menu, and can be purchased individually, in a combo or a boxed meal.

Lightlife Chicken Expands to More Canadian Outlets

Lightlife – which is owned by Greenleaf Foods, SPC, a subsidiary of Maple Leaf Foods – has also partnered with popular Canadian chain Mary Brown’s Chicken. Starting yesterday, the 200-location Mary Brown’s will feature Lightlife’s products in Chicken Sidekick Snack Sandwiches and tenders. 

The new menu items represent Mary Brown’s first plant-based chicken options, and are designed to appeal to the fast-growing demographic of flexitarian consumers. 

Lightlife Mary Brown's Plant-Based Chicken
Image courtesy of Lightlife/ Mary Brown’s Chicken

Hadi Chahin, Mary Brown’s President and COO, commented, “We’re listening to what Canadians are saying and how their food tastes are changing. So while chicken is at the heart of our menu, we also want to satisfy the cravings of Guests who are looking for delicious plant-based choices.” He added, “Plant-based options open the door to more people enjoying Mary Brown’s – and at the end of the day, sharing great food with family and friends is what we’re all about.” 

Plant-based fried chicken has arrived 

With the expansion of vegan chicken at two major Canadian QSR brands and KFC USA’s launch of Beyond Meat Fried Chicken, plant-based chicken is quickly ascending in appeal and accessibility, and companies like Lightlife are helping to lead the way.

Speaking on the Mary Brown’s partnership, Dan Curtin, President of Greenleaf Foods, SPC said: “Lightlife is committed to making plant-based eating more accessible and is excited to partner with Mary Brown’s to now offer their Guests something they can enjoy without compromise: delicious and satisfying breaded plant-based chicken menu options made with simple ingredients they can feel good about.” 

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